Photo Retouching Services

Basic Services

Clipping path, deep etching, cutout Background removing to pure white or transparent

Website image sizing (for website use) 360 degree photo editing

Cropping Shadow making/dropping shadow

 Product Image Retouching

Colour Correction

Clipping path, masking, deep etching and Cut-out

Basic retouching which includes dust removal, removal of lens glare, removal of scratches

Change Background or transparent background

Cropping, Creating shine

Reflection and shadow making

Beauty Image Retouching

Colour Correction, enhancing the skin

Brasses removing

Reduce blemish, acnes, moles and freckles

Reduce dark circles, wrinkles, cut marks

Reduce double chin

Remove stray hair Skin smoothing without doing any damage to the texture

Dust removing

Slimming Nose & nose adjustment

Breast Enhancement

Apparel Photo Editing

Enhancing the colours

Fix the creases

Remove wrinkles from the clothes

Merging the backside neck to the front image straighten the image

Recolor the cloth (on clients’ requirements)

Ghost Mannequin editing

Combining front and back garment shots

Real Estate Image Retouching

Colour Correction

Rotation, straighten the image

Angle Correction

Dust cleaning

Portrait Photo Editing

Colour correction

Reducing appearance of veins and arteries

Removing red eye and glare

Remove stray hair

Skin smoothing and colour optimisation

Dust cleaning

Slimming Restoration and image manipulation Image merging

Remove Scratches, spot and dust cleaning

Restore Torn or damage part

Change Background (if needed)

Recolor photo (on demand)

Other effects

Wedding Album

Colour Correction

Red eye removal

Reduce blemish, acnes, moles and freckles

Remove dark circles, wrinkles and blemishes

Reducing appearance of veins and arteries

Skin smoothing and colour optimization

Dust cleaning

Colour Emphasizing

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