Private Taxi Transportation

Private Taxi Transportation from Pickup Location to Dropoff Location. 

Round Trip or One Way call (242) 524-7000

Half Day Mainland Tour 

(4 Hours)

We will pick you up at your local resort or vacation rental and will begin the tour based on your current physical location. If you are located near the northern part of the island, we will first travel to the world famous Coco Plum beach. Coco Plum beach is known for it's crystal clear blue waters, wooden swings in the water and at low tide there is a sandbar directly off the beach! Please remember that sandbars are only exposed when the tide is low and they are only exposed for a few hours in a 24 hour cycle!

Our second stop will be in the central business district of George Town, Exuma. We will take you to the local straw market where you will be able to purchase authentic Bahamian merchandise from some of the local merchants. You will be also be able to take a stroll around George Town to check out some of the local landmarks including the local Administrator's office, the government dock and/or the historic Peace and Plenty resort!

Our third stop will be at the world famous Santanna's Grill & Mom's Bakery you can enjoy savory Bahamian and non-Bahamian food, treats or pastries with a wide variety of something that is bound to peak your interest in Williams Town, Exuma. You will be able to enjoy lunch at Exuma's most famous restaurant. p.s. Lunch is not included in the tour cost.

Our forth stop will be at the Williams Town Salt Beacon. This Roman Tuscan Column was erected during the vibrant period of the salt trade in the late 1600s between European countries, such as France and Spain, as well as Caribbean countries like Haiti. The column served as a marker to guide vessels to the salt pans.

Our fifth stop will be at Tropic of Cancer Beach, also known as Pelican Beach, is a graceful crescent of white-powder sand bordering the translucent blue-green water along the coast of Little Exuma. The longest beach on the island, it is also the prettiest in the Exuma chain and you will probably have it all to yourself. Located at 23 26N 75 35W, the beach is named after the meridian line that defines the northern extent of the tropics and crosses right through it. Visitors come from all over the world to sunbathe here, one of Exuma's well kept secrets.

Our sixth and final stop will be in the settlement of Rolle Town. The quiet little village of Rolle Town is one of the five Lord John Rolle Commonage Estates on Exuma. The Commonage Estates are lands that have been passed down to the slaves and cannot be sold. The town's residents are all descendants of Rolle's former slaves, and grow fruits and vegetables just as their ancestors have done since the 1800's. Relatives of U.S. actress, the late Ester Rolle live here. There are three tombs there in the middle of a secluded clearing, which date back to Loyalist times. The only inscription is found on the largest one, resembling an elaborate double bed made of stone with headboard and footboard. It reads, "Within this tomb interred the body of Ann McKay, wife of Alexander McKay who departed this life on the 8th November 1792. Age twenty-six years and their infant child." Mr. McKay reportedly came to Great Exuma from Scotland in 1789 to set up a plantation after receiving a land grant.

We may also make a few other stops along the way!

Half Day Land Tour w/ Professional Photography

(4 Hours)

Professional photos by Reno Curling at all the different locations listed in the half day tour!

Full Day Land Tour

(Coming Soon)

Full Day Land Tour with Photographer

(Coming Soon)

Land & Sea Tour

(Coming Soon)

Land & Sea Tour with Photographer

(Coming Soon)

Learning Outdoor Photography 1 on 1 with Reno Curling

(Coming Soon)

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